Wide Traxx Soccer Cyan/Black

An EE width shoe with a modern looking design


A sleek low profile design with synthetic leather upper

Wide Traxx Soccer White/Black

An EE width shoe with a modern looking design

All zephz shoes are specifically designed for the demands of their sport. Before production, the designs are are evaluated by Nicholas M. Romansky, D.P.M. Dr Romansky is the team podiatrist for the U.S. World Cup and National Men's and Women's Soccer Teams, and a medical consultant to many of Philadelphia's professional teams. This allows us to insure that our shoes provide a maximum level of comfort while giving as much consideration as possible to injury prevention.


manufactured for the rigorous demands of today’s athlete

Founded in 1998, by a former Converse and adidas product engineer with a background in athletic footwear design and development, zephz brings over 30 years experience to your sport. At zephz our commitment has always been to provide unique, high quality athletic footwear at an affordable price. We are designing shoes that will take athletes to the next level.

zephz products are designed for long life. For sizing, tips on getting the most out of your product and extending its life, click the "Learn more" button.

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